Two Way Street app

An effective way to learn how something is going is to poll people about it. Two Way Street is a powerful, easy-to-use system that does that very well!

Two Way Street generates fun, touch-friendly interactions called “Sharing Opps”. Pose a prompt that can include an image. Response types can be simple select, multiple select, removal, rank, rate.

The responses are aggregated for view in Google Charts. You can also see each specific response… unless you set the Sharing Opp to “anon.” Yes, there are such options in Two Way Street. Indeed, you even control whether to let the respondents view the aggregate results.

If interested, visit the TwoWayStreet website to get started. You get 2 active share-opps for free. For more flexibility and share-opps, you pay a small annual fee (not auto-renewed).

Note: PRIMO service comes complimentary with an eJuke Ultra account.