Example eJukes

Embassy Freqs is a music-making consortium based in Charleston, SC. Member musicians collaborate in several iterations of a band, guesting in others, making for numerous ‘side projects.’ It’s a fun scene with innovative recordings; some pop, some avant garde; all indie. EF uses an Ultra account plan to provide for dozens of active tracks and multiple artist names. It embeds its eJuke into its homepage, embassyfreqs.com

Sand Records is an indie label in New York City. It’s the home for artists Starring MH, Bedroom Guys, Bess Wishes. Sand uses an Ultra account plan to provide for multiple artist names. It sells quarters, downloads of singles and albums from an embedded page at sandrecords.com/jukebox/.

Jim Coughlin is a brilliant comic in Los Angeles. He performs throughout Calif and points beyond. In 2019, Jim recorded his first full-length comedy album that’s been much ballyhooed. He uses a Pro account plan so he can offer downloads of the album at a reduced price, knowing that with an eJuke, there is no middle man, so he gets the full proceeds (minus PayPal %). See Jim’s eJuke.

Some Other eJukes

Matt Oakley


Lobo Loco

Double F the King


Jens East

Casey Salengo