Upgrade to Pro or Ultra

You may find it limiting having just 3 active tracks in your eJuke, and seek a bigger plan. (See pricing / plan page).

Beyond having more songs, you may also want to upgrade so that you can sell quarters and downloads. If that is your aim, you will need a PayPal business account, because eJuke transactions are directly between fan and you.

1. To upgrade from a PayPal Personal Account to a PayPal Business Account, do this.

If you don’t have any account yet, start here.

2. Generate a PayPal Client ID

  • Go to : https://developer.paypal.com/dashboard
  • Follow the steps to generate a live App Client ID
  • See this set of screenshots for guidance.

3. Go to eJukes.com Admin

Login to your Admin to upgrade your Account. In the Upgrade form, click “yes” to selling. Paste your App Client ID into the field.

You will make a payment via PayPal, and then be set with the Pro or Ultra capabilities. See this set of screenshots for guidance.